Andy Collins – Barron Delta Blue

This sophisticated and brilliant debut album dissects and absorbs an intriguing variety of musical influences and coupled with a spirit of place – Tropical Australia – translates into a fresh new sound that is charming music lovers all over the world.



Barron Delta Blue was one of 1999’s best Australian releases.
Mike Daly, The Age, Melbourne

Barron Delta Blue is a gorgeous collection of 11 great songs. For sure there’s blues but also hefty doses of jazz, country and folk. His lyrics are strongly evocative and the resultant gumbo is richly textured and enormously satisfying.
Helen Farley, Rave Magazine, Brisbane

It’s a real tour de force of the songwriting and musical talent of Andy Collins. I could go on describing the songs and enthusing about the musicianship, but really, you should listen to the album yourself.
Ridwan Sedgewick, BarFly, Cairns

Barron Delta Blue is one of those refreshing albums you discover by accident,play incessantly and thank continually for restoring your faith in the existence of musical diversity.
Arkin, Tsunami Magazine, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Collins album is one of the finest produced here in Cairns.
Tony Hillier, BarFly, Cairns